Carp Heritage Walk

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Carp is an area rich in natural and human history spanned by eons of time.

The one billion year-old Canadian Shield landscape of the Carp Ridge rises to the north.  The Carp River valley spreads south, its deep, fertile soils deposited by the Champlain Sea.  Both are part of the ancestral homeland of the Algonquin Anishinaabeg people who hunted, fished, foraged, and traded in the Ottawa Valley.  European settlers arrived, changed the landscape, and created a village in what we now call Carp.

Explore the vibrant history of the village of Carp in three different tours.

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 The Carp Heritage Walk would not be possible without the dedication of the Huntley Township Historical Society. The Society has generously allowed the use of photographs from their archives, making this journey through history possible.

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